List of epacket countries 2019

Nowadays we all know that e-commerce business is trending all over the world. People are preferring to buy online rather than going for offline shopping. Many people are buying products from other countries as well and the best part is that products are delivered at their doorstep easily. One of the most important aspects that makes any e-commerce business successful is its shipping methods. As a business owner of e-commerce business, we need to be aware of this changing landscape.

Over the time method of shipping is constantly changing and evolving. This ePacket delivery allows merchants to provide fast and affordable shipping options for light packages.

The reason behind this pact is to increase the international e-commerce sales for China. This results in faster ePacket delivery of products that are coming from China and Hong Kong right to a number of different countries. Here merchants can easily send small packages weighing up to 2 Kg. Before this method of shipping, China EMS was only the affordable option available out there to ship consumer product overseas.

Epacket (With Excluded Countries)

But this method of shipping was not that much reliable as it generally takes a month or longer to ship a product to consumers.

At that time other shipping methods were very expensive especially when it comes to inexpensive products. And now ePacket delivery began as a quick and affordable shipping solution available out there in China and Hong Kong. Over a few years, we have seen exponential growth in ePacket delivery as it has expanded in more than 35 countries like Australia and Canada. And the best part is that the list of countries that have access to ePacket delivery is constantly growing. Id somehow the package is less than 2 Kg, then only it qualifies for ePacket shipping, this method is generally used in the ePacket delivery system in Hong Kong and China.

It all depends on the destination of the package, customs, holidays and other delays, shipping time can vary. But overall, ePacket is much more consistent than other shipping alternatives in terms of the average shipping times compared to other economical shipping options out of China and Hong Kong.

The average time is not fixed and specified for all the countries but here we have few data about the shipping times for few countries. All other supported countries: In Business Days. For any products to be qualified for ePacket it must weigh less or equal to 2Kg, only then any product is eligible for ePacket shipping.

The greatest of all, ePacket Tracking- Generally its a tracking system that allows you track your packages without any additional charges. It may be tricky to keep the track of all your parcels, rigth when shipping a large amount at once. Many problem arises like customs, foreign postal service and other barriers can hinder the tracking of any single item.But you may have no idea about it.

This article is going to discuss almost everything about ePacket.

Hey There, Dropshippers! Here Are Some Other Countries to Target

Importing from China, you definitely know 3 basic shipping channels which are shipping by sea, by air, by express. These 3 ways now can reach any part of the world, but the delivery time and cost are totally different.

Currently, this service is limited to parcel delivery services for senders of Chinese e-commerce sellers. And the package must be shipped from China or Hong Kong to one of the countries listed below that is eligible for ePacket delivery. For details, you can check the ePacket cost table below or you can consult us directly. Most of these regulations have to do with the material, the value, the weight and the dimensions of the product.

The ePacket delivery is first sent by air to the destination airport. And in terms of the safety of air cargo, the requirements of the aircraft are strict. Therefore, we suggest customers avoid products which relate to such material. The weight of the package sent by ePacket cannot exceed 2 kg 4. This weight includes the weight of the product, the shipping box or bag, and any other packaging material.

The only exception to this weight rule is for Israel, where the packages can weigh up to 3 kg 6. The maximum size of a single parcel: the total length, width, and height are no more than 90 cm The twice diameter plus the length of the round or rolled-up parcel should not more than cm The minimum size of a single parcel: the length should not less than 14 cm 5.

The twice diameter plus the length of the round or rolled-up parcel is not less than 17 cm 6. If a package is smaller, the solution is easy. You can simply add a box or fill it with some protective material. But a bigger size or weight of a package will be trouble in delivery. There is no minimum value mentioned, but we need to declare a value which proper and reasonable.

The list of countries that have access to ePacket is constantly growing. Standard methods of shipping from China to other parts of the world usually take months. But, with ePacket delivery, you get a much faster delivery time. Especially when the international purchase parcel is of lightweight and small value, both customers and sellers are not willing to pay the high shipping costs.

With this cheap shipping cost, sellers can achieve more profit after offering a better price. If you own dropshipping business, basically you will worry about the shipping the same as the buyers. Epacket will make you stress-free comparing other economical shipping.This shift is causing the world to become a marketplace on the internet where consumers can shop and procure items from all corners of the globe, all at a few clicks of a button.

While this is great for entrepreneurs and online business store owners, as more and more customers are purchasing online, this also means that there is lots of competition in every aspect of business, be it in the products or services itself, customer service, shipping and fulfillment, etc. Almost every niche one can think of is saturated to the max.

Such a competitive landscape calls for business owners and merchants to be more aware of trending products and services within their industry that could help them get their customer conversion rates up and beat out the competition.

Shipping, as mentioned, is a big part of customer fulfillment and satisfaction and it is also one of the aspects of any ecommerce business industry that is dynamic and constantly evolving. This service has made buying products from China and Hong Kong ridiculously easy and can be the competitive edge that ecommerce merchants, especially those who are buying and selling from China using popular business models such as dropshippingneed. This is The Ultimate Guide to ePacket Shipping and Delivery, your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about ePacket shipping and delivery.

list of epacket countries 2019

Using this method allows for faster and more affordable shipping and delivery processes of products from China or Hong Kong and is aimed to boost the ecommerce sales emphasis on international sales for both countries. Options other than China EMS were exorbitant when it came to pricing and definitely not worth it for smaller and relatively inexpensive items.

After the United States Postal Service announced this new ePacket shipping method inwherein they offered delivery confirmation services along with the First Class Mail Service for packages from China and Hong Kong to the United States, ePacket delivery services have now further expanded to over 35 countries since.

The delivery confirmation service comes with end-to-end tracking, allowing customers to monitor their package throughout the shipping process and locate it on the official websites of the company that provides the service USPS, EMS, etc. The best part is that this comes at no additional charge or fee to either the customers or the sellers.

Even though most people hear of ePacket delivery from bigger merchants or marketplaces such as AliExpress or eBay, in actuality any vendor can offer the service as long as the package meets the specific requirements for an ePacket delivery. While ePacket shipping and delivery may seem ideal, there is always a flip side to the coin.

When it comes to shipping packages, especially when its international shipping, there are various requirements and restrictions that need to be met. Most of these have to do with the weight and dimensions of the packages in question. The weight of any package being shipped using the ePacket delivery method cannot exceed 2 kg 4. This includes the product, the filler material, the shipping box or mailer and any other packaging.

However, Israel is the only exception wherein the packages being shipped to the country can weigh up to 3 kg 6. There is a growing list of countries that are able to benefit from the affordable China Post ePacket service. As of December these countries have ePacket shipping available:. The packages cannot currently be shipped to overseas territories including Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, St. Pierre and Miquelon and Mayotte. Important Note: There is often confusion about the countries that provide ePacket shipping and part of the problem stems from the fact that the USPS also has a service called ePacket.

There are several different factors that can affect the exact amount of time it takes for each package to arrive at its destination: National and public holidays in the concerned countries, issues or delays due to customs or any other logistical hindrances can affect when the package is delivered. While the time duration is subjective to the country that the product is being shipped to, the average time that a package takes to be delivered is 10 to 20 days.

In cases where an ePacket delivery gets delayed, which are few and far between, or during high-traffic times throughout the year such as Christmasmost disputes with customers can be settled by just providing the purchase details i.

list of epacket countries 2019

However, a smarter move to manage disgruntled customers and retain your conversion rates is to provide great customer service. Target Insider has some good advice in regards to this:. Word-of-mouth marketing is sometimes the best and most effective form of marketing out there. Due to the tracking being dependent on where your package may be in the transit period, there are often times that you may have some trouble with the official websites.

This is where third-party tracking platforms step in. Websites and services such as AfterShipPackageTrackr and Track-ChinaPost can often step up to the job and provide an accurate picture of where your product is in the shipment process.

If you use platforms such as AliExpress or Oberlothe platforms provide a more sophisticated form of tracking for your packages right from the order details section on their website where the status of the package is listed.Today, I am going to introduce the latest list of countries that you can ship to via ePacket for your e-commerce store.

In the last part, if you are wondering what's the ePacking shipping times, delivery and tracking, then you will get the answers. In short, if you still don't know what are the ePacket countries that you can ship to, then you will love this guide. Originally, it was designed for use sellers in e-commerce platforms to enable them ship their products from the different marketplaces to customers with ease.

Presently, the service has expanded to over 53 countries. There are several countries where ePacket shipping services are available for use by merchants to move their goods to their customers. By the beginning of Januarythe service was available in 39 countries, where sellers in China sellers can ship their products. These are:. France: Sellers can ship packages to mainland France if the customers have zip codes whose first two digits range between 01 to However, shipping cannot be done to its overseas territories such as Guadeloupe, French Guinea, Corsica, St.

Pierre and Mayotte. For the United States, sellers can send packages to any state including all the military addresses under their jurisdictions.

It is noteworthy that the list of countries mentioned above slightly varies from that provided on other sites. Regardless, that list contains all the ePacket Countries.

How I Became Successful In 34 Days (Ecommerce)

The confusion with other websites arises from the fact that USPS also has its own service with the same name, ePacket. The average shipping times for products to most ePacket countries ranges between 10 and 20 working days. The shipping duration for some of the countries are:. However, the package may arrive slightly earlier or later than the estimated shipping times, depending on whether there are public holidays or delays.

Nonetheless, the shipping times are relatively more consistent when compared with other shipping alternatives. In contrast, previously, shipping of goods from China to international markets was done by sea. Ideally, delivery of goods could take up to 8 weeks, which means there is a long waiting duration between a seller sending a product and the time which it is fulfilled by the customer.

This long waiting time had significant cost implications to the sellers. The main requirement for using the delivery system to send products to ePacket countries is the package characteristics. The United States Postal Service has regulations on package sizes which govern the maximum size of good that can be sent using the service as follows:.

Other requirements including the shape of the package are also considered as in the image below:. As mentioned earlier, one of the pivotal advantages that ePacket shipping has over conventional shipping methods is the ability to track the goods by both the seller and the customer. That is necessary to ensure there is proper monitoring of the process, and information can be relayed to the customers promptly, especially when there is an impending delay.

The use of these two sites depends on the location of the shipment. If it is still within China, the former can be used; however, once it leaves China, the latter gives a more precise location.However, packages cannot currently be shipped to overseas territories, including Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, St.

Pierre and Miquelon and Mayotte. Source: China Post ePacket Fees and Regulations link in Chinese and changes sometimes; let us know if the link is out-of-date.

Need to ship to countries not supported by ePacket? Not a problem. We use multiple shipping services and cover every single country around the world! Just let us know if you want to ship to countries not supported by ePacket and we'll provide you pricing accordingly.

Their ePacket service is only for packages that originate in the US. All this information was published by China Post link in Chinese and changes sometimes on May 2nd and is accurate as of June However, they can update this information without prior notice.

We try our best to keep this page up-to-date but reach out to us for confirmation before taking any action based on the information here. I've been helping companies grow in the e-commerce space for almost a decade. I've saved companies countless hours of work and, most importantly, helped them significantly improve their bottom line.

That said, ePacket Express was I was using ePackets to ship my own products from China when I realized that there were a lot of other entrepreneurs out there that wanted to use the service but couldn't.

Since I already had the infrastructure in place to manage inventory and ship packages, I figured it would be nice to help my fellow entrepreneurs with their logistics. And here we are now. We offer some services that can ship to Iraq. Hi, Is there any plans to extend epacket services to India in the near future? That would be much appreciated by the entrepreneur community. I do know that China Post is always working on expanding the list of countries that they can serve via ePacket.

We have some good news! There is a new option for shipping to India. I will send you the details in an email.

list of epacket countries 2019

Of course, I will send you details in an email. You can also check our blog post about eCourier services for shipping from China to India. Thank you for reaching out! In order for us to send you the quotation that suits your business needs the best, we just need some information about your products. Please submit a quoteand someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. Please send us a quote request and someone from our team will reach out to you with all the details via email for shipping to India.

Please submit a quote request and someone from our team will contact you via email with all the details. We just need some information about your products so we can give you the best possible quotation. Please submit a quote request and someone from our team will reach out to you with all the info about shipping from China to India.

I have hundreds of small merchandises I need ship to individual US customers. My China office is in Shanghai, the items are ozs by weight. Would you advise me how to start? Whom should we talk to to set up account?Well, surprise surprise, there are a few restrictions. Check out our updated list of countries that you can ship to using ePackets.

Yes, you can! We use multiple shipping services and cover every single country around the world. Not if you take advantage of our services! I run a couple of ecommerce stores that ship products from China where my wife and I live to customers around the world. At first, ePacket Express was going to be a simple Shopify app that would allow me to connect my store with the ePacket service. Honestly, if we can save you the weeks of frustration we experienced, it would be worth it. So when it comes to shipping your products from China directly to your customers, no one understands your needs as well as we do.

Good news, our standard boxes and packaging are FREE. Once a day, China Post they run the ePacket service will come by to pick up your orders and send them on their way! Your weekly cost will vary based on a few factors. There are no commitments and no minimums. Get a price quote now. Your monthly cost will vary based on a few factors. View the full list of countries that you can ship to using ePacket. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations on packages being shipped.

Take a look at the weight and size limits of ePacket packages. Are your packages too big or heavy for ePacket? No problem. These estimates are valid as of January Brazil: 20 to 30 business days Mexico: 20 business days Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia: business days All other supported countries: business days. These estimates are valid as of January Mexico and Brazil: 20 business days Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia: business days Vietnam: business days All other supported countries: business days.

Just starting out and not sure if your business will take off? Not a problem. Neither do you need to worry about managing your own inventory. Use that extra time to focus on your core business! Use that saved cash to increase your sales and marketing budget! They pay less for shipping and still receive their packages very quickly. Spend more time on your business. Invest the saved money on your sales and marketing.

The Best Guide for ePacket Delivery 2019

Multiply the effects of your happy customers. Want to use ePacket shipping in your business? Now you can. Save time. Save money.The reason I called ePacket shipping as a revolution in the ecommerce industry is that it somewhat resolved the primary issue of online buying that restricts the digital buyers to complete the purchase. I hope you can understand how ePacket delivery revolutionized the ecommerce industry by eliminating the problem of late delivery and expensive rates in online purchasing.

Now coming back to the concern of understanding what is ePacket shipping, how to track ePacket from China and ePacket shipping time. It allows the merchants of big ecommerce marketplaces such as Aliexpress and Lazada to offer fast shipping services at reasonable prices for the customers worldwide. You can monitor your package destination on China EMS website with an ePacket tracking number that is provided to both — merchant and buyer — when the order is placed. The delivery date is not exactly specified.

Also, public holidays in different countries affect shipping time. USPS presents eligibility criteria based on height weight size and value. Every product has to fulfill the entire requirement on those fields to become eligible for ePacket delivery. Height and Length — The length of the package should not exceed 24 inches 60 cm.

The length, height, and width altogether should not exceed 36 inches 90 cm. The rolled up packages weight, and value requirement is the same; however, the length requirement is different. Aliexpress provides the option ePacket shipment on most of its hot-selling items that is very cheap compared to other shipping options. In the image below, you can see the comaprison of ePacket shipping time and charges with other services.

Oberlo Chrome extension allows you to add products directly from Aliexpress to your Shopify store. And also it comprehensively tells you either the item has the ePacket option or not. To learn to setup your own Shopify Store, do check our step-by-step drop shipping Shopify guide.

What Is ePacket Delivery?

In case, if you just need to check the ePacket Aliexpress product without even clicking on the item, Oberlo will help you to do so. Now go to Aliexpress.

The primary problem that a dropshipper face on which he has the least control is the shipment. The unreliable, slow, and expensive delivery is similar to a contagious disease in the dropshipping business.

The unreliable and unsettling delivery methods proved as the primary barrier to create trust issues among the merchant and customers. With ePacket delivery, the product manufactured in China now can be shipped at cheap rates or even some time at free of cost all over the world.


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